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What would you do if you suddenly inherit 18 million pounds unexpectedly? After the sudden unforeseen death of their father three siblings Ella, Destiny, and Chase receive a staggering amount of money that completely opens up a new and exciting world for each of them. Following their simple life’s before the money comes, and after, how it affects them all differently, following their choices, decisions and life paths is a thrilling roller-coaster of joy, happiness, sadness and shocking surprises. Unaware they have a vicious, ruthless, enemy by the name of Felicity Pearson, who is their father’s new wife whom is bitter, twisted, and seething with jealousy. She wants to take away all their inheritance from them and keep it for herself. Consumed by greed and hate she plans to destroy the three innocent siblings oblivious it is a battle she could lose, unaware that her late husband’s siblings have discovered her hidden secret, a beautiful boy named Benjamin who she has hidden away from her world because Felicity was too ashamed on the way he looked. Ella, Destiny, and Chase do all they can to free Benjamin from his doomed existence, however they have underestimated Felicity. Each side preparing for a brutal battle they are both not prepared to lose.

Detective Inspectors Michael and Barbra Redgrave are planning a surprise journey through Europe for their two teenage twin boys, Nathaniel and Jonathon. 

Smelling, a brutal child killer has just gained his freedom after ten years of being locked away from society with one thing on his mind, vengeance! In response to a grievance with the two detectives who took away his freedom, as one of those detectives was Michael Redgrave.

Without further warning the large black oil tanker that Smelling is driving starts ramming the Redgrave’s Fuji white range rover into the dark tunnel walls repeatedly, crushing it, until it becomes apparent upon further inspection that they are no living survivors.

When the emergency services arrive with their specialised cutting equipment, they find that there’s only one survivor who’s in a critical condition.

Against all odds Jonathon survives remembering very little of the accident, until his dead twin brother comes to his rescue in spiritual form as a ghost.  Nathaniel vows to help and protect his brother from the ruthless killer who now wants to take Jonathon’s life and will go to any extreme to fulfil his mission.    


Four teenage girls suddenly go missing without a trace in various locations based in the North and the East of England in a short period of several months apart.
One of these girls, Gracie Peterson, is found alive in a small wooden box on an abandoned industrial estate, with injuries that are so gruesome even the paramedics cringe in anticipation whilst trying to free her, after Gracie had spent eight horrific weeks in captivity.
Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of
detectives, forensic investigators and psychological profilers become chilling aware that there is a brutal serial killer on the loose who enjoys leaving them various clues to his real identity.

Living Captive

Is the long awaited sequel to “The Surgeon´s Son”

Victor Barnes, the notorious serial killer who targets teenage girls survives the horrific high speed police pursuit that forces his vehicle into the murky water of the River Trent. 

Numerous rescue attempts are made to recover the body of Barnes, however after five weeks there becomes little hope left and the police dive squads are called off having already covered thirty two miles of the never-ending river.

Detective Inspector Marty Bride and his specialist team of detectives, forensic investigators, and psychological profilers are forced to leave the case open with so many questions un-answered until they can locate the doctor’s body, dead or alive?

Barnes is coerced to live underground while seeking out a brand new identity, with one thing on his mind – Vengeance, on each and every member of Marty’s team.  He won’t stop until he unleashes his own band of torture! Unaware and unprepared that there’s an even bigger threat than Marty and his team on his trail.....